A typology for sports creators

Most sports creators fall into one of the following 6 categories.

March 10, 2022

We often get asked what exactly is a sports creator, and it's very difficult to give a comprehensive answer about a category that is constantly shaping itself.

But after talking to a lot of sports creators, we've started to identify a few buckets where most creators seems to fit in. Let's dig into these buckets.

Amateur athletes

Those are sports passionates practicing sports for leisure or amateur competition,  sharing their daily journey by sharing advice, tips and stories.

Fans love the authenticity and proximity of these creators. Some sports like running, cycling, outdoor sports are really popular for amateur athletes.

This is a great opportunity for brands to capitalise on the proximity and authenticity of those creators to reach their communities. The main challenge is to find the right balance between integrating seamlessly into the creator's content and promoting the brand/products/services.

Their superpower: authenticity.


Entertainers are using their sports skills to entertain people. Given the short amount of attention of people online and the rise of short-form content, entertainers and freestylers are thriving on social platforms like Instagram or TikTok.

Fans love entertainers for their creativity and their ability to be reactive and invent new challenges that shape new content formats.

Entertainers have the ability to bring content both online and offline, always keeping things fun for the audience.

By teaming up with entertainers, brands have the opportunity to keep being visible, innovative and dynamic. It's also a great way to activate existing partnerships with style.

Their superpower: entertainment.

Opinion leaders

Sports fans that stands out as opinion leaders for their expert view on a niche topic or sport.

In any sports category, there's people wanting to fully understand the sports, its dynamics and history; that's where opinion leaders comes in. Fans trust their voice and credit them with a lot of credibility over their comments and analysis.

Brands that wants to target hardcore fans or experts can leverage collaborations with those creators.

Their superpower: credibility.


Fan-clubs, or fan-based communities, are tribes gathering people rooting for (or mocking) the same club, athlete or nation.

Fans love to gather with people with the same values, background or club, making these communities vibrant on Twitter, Instagram or Reddit.

If you're a brand targeting specific geographies, it can make sense to tap into these very engaged communities.

Their superpower: tribe/fandom.

basketball court


Digital first medias that have been able to become very popular and gather a huge community.

Compared to other creator categories, micro-medias are often focused on editorial skills rather than face-cam, personalised content. Fans are interested in the editorial angle they provide.

For brands, micro-medias are often the most powerful category of sports creators to maximise reach.

Their superpower: credibility.

FFL, a French sports micro-media that makes fun of French sports defeats.


And finally, gamers. Although gaming is not only about sports, it makes sense to dedicate a bucket to gamers because of the strong influence of sports on gaming and gamers.

Gamers are gathering audiences around iconic sports games like EA SPORTS' FIFA or 2K's NBA2K. While gamers are often also in other buckets (like entertainers or opinion leaders), they attract a different community of hardcore, younger fans on Twitch or YouTube Gaming.

For brands that wants to start on Twitch and reach young, male audiences, sports gamers are a way to go!

Their superpower: entertainment.

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