A guide on where to post your Pondeo public profile link

As a sports creator, you don't want to miss an opportunity to be visible and differentiate yourself.

March 17, 2022

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You've just finished completing your profile. You've written your bio, entered key statistics about your audience and accounts, and you asked your past partners to drop a kind word about you.

Now, how can you get the most out of your profile? How can you get more visible and attract more brands ?

Below are a few ideas to intelligently share your profile and get more proposals from brands.

Why it's important

But first, let's cover why you should take this very seriously.

You never know when your next great opportunity with a brand will come, and from where.

This is why it's critical to provide potential partners with as much information as they need about you as a sports creator: your story, previous collaborations, services and recommendations. You don't want to miss an opportunity to be visible and differentiate yourself: your future revenues depends on it.

What brands will see when clicking on your public profile.

In your bios

One of the first way for brands to discover you is through your social media accounts.

Now, they might not find all the information they look for in your Instagram, YouTube or TikTok account. This is why your "bio" section is a great place to insert your Pondeo profile link: it is the natural way to give more information to brands looking to know a bit more about you, as a creator.

This way, you help brands answer questions like

  • what brands did you work with in the past?
  • how did those collaboration go? was the partner brand satisfied with your services?
  • what services do you provide?

You can insert your Pondeo link on all your social media accounts:

  • On Instagram: PROFILE > EDIT PROFILE > BIO
  • And so on!

In your Linktree/link in bio tool

What if you have many links that you want to share in one place, and you don't want to choose one over the others?

This is why Linktree (and other similar services) was created. With one link, you can aggregate multiple other links related to your accounts, current projects many other thinks. We recommend you insert your Pondeo profile, as your digital business card.

Linktree and other tool enable you to gather all essential links in one place.

In your email signature

As a creator, you probably use your email to answer to brands. So a great way to display your creator profile is in your email signature. This way, whenever you talk to a brand, they can dig into your profile seamlessly and understand you previous achievements, services and overall profile.

You can choose to show your email signature in each email that you send, or just the first mail of a email thread. To change your email signature, read this.

Make it simple for brands to understand more about you as a creator

On Pondeo website

Pondeo is a vertical platform dedicated to sports creators. We connect amateur/semi-pro athletes, opinion leaders, sports micro-medias and other sports creators with brands. Because we focus on sports creators, we only talk with brands with an interest in sports. We work with brands in sportswear, fitness and nutrition, gaming, sports media, sports services.

For your profile to be visible on Pondeo, you just need to sign up.

Join hundreds of sports creators and be visible from brands that are working in the sports industry.

Get creative

What is really cool with your Pondeo profile link, it's that it really is easy to share with anyone. You can share it on your social media, in your Linktree and in your email signature.

Don't hesitate to go beyond these ideas and get creative by sharing your profile :

  • in your media kit
  • in your website
  • on LinkedIn

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