10 French Creators changing our vision on sports on TikTok

10 Sports Creators who tell the story of sport in a particular fashion

November 29, 2021

TikTok has only been around for a short time, but sports content Creators have taken to the platform to share their passion.

Some of them are standing out and have chosen to approach sports in a new way. Here's 10 Creators who tell the story of sport in a particular fashion.

1. Champion du Digital

Subscribers : 133k

Sport business

She is passionate about sport, but does it differently. Vanessa shares her daily work and her vision of sport business. She takes the opportunity to share her adventures, her experience but also gives advice for those who would like to make a living out of it. A new way of seeing sport on TikTok.


2. Logan Grlsh

Subscribers : 242k

Football + multisport

Logan, a passionate football fan who collects jerseys. Nothing new you may say? Except that Logan has decided to talk about football in a humorous way, mixing his passions and especially without official images. His content is focused on football news, summaries of matches in different competitions, but not only. He also talks about other sports, a multi-sport creator!

A real enthusiast


3. First Team

Subscribers : 14,2K


Yes, the NBA is becoming more and more attractive, and we welcome its return

Even if it's not always easy to follow, you can always find the results of the night, But what we're looking for are some insider images that we're not used to seeing And the First Team has understood this to promote basketball and to stand out from the rest

In addition to results, debates and exchanges, it offers rare content that attracts people and personalizes high-level athletes like Lebron James or Kevin Durant

An angle that is highly appreciated by both fans and novices, a pure delight


4. Tennis Legend

Subscribers : 64k


We are used to seeing the stars of the circuit in action on social networks, Monfils, Paire, etc.

But Tennis Legend goes further in the promotion of tennis and offers amateur tennis. Many anecdotes and beautiful gestures of this spectacular sport to promote it in a different way.

The little yellow ball is waiting for you on this account


5. Val Lienard

Subscribers : 125k


Another creator around football, yes, but not professional football

Val has decided to tell you about his career, his journey, and his news in N3 but also a lot of anecdotes. You will find summaries of his matches, and other contents that highlight his passion

A great way to promote amateur football, which we love.


6. Paulo le Footix

Subscribers : 119k


We know that what interests you in football content are the images but ...

Paulo does it differently and makes you live his passion differently. Join him to live the matches of his favourite teams on camera in his living room, follow him to get the latest news on football and have his opinion on it,

But also come and debate with him on questions that everyone is asking. A way for him to get closer to his subscribers and to share with them new emotions


7. Logan Freestyle

Subscribers : 120k

Football / Freestyle

Freestyle, a practice derived from football but with certainly more skills

Logan decided to share his talent with us on TikTok, a way of highlighting this practice which is still very unknown in France despite many talents

He takes the opportunity to share his passion for football and takes his followers on all his adventures

A breath of fresh air in the world of football


8. Bocco TV

Subscribers : 498k

Sujet : les sports auto

We all know about motor sports, but often only in part, don't we?

BoccoTV has understood this and has adapted its content. He has decided to share his knowledge and analysis with those who follow him. It's truly educational content, as it answers the questions that everyone is asking

But that's not all, he's also a driver and he shares his races, his feelings and his performances.

The best if you want to know more about motorsports


9. flowboll

Subscribers : 761k

Sujet : Foot

Flowboll is also a big football fan, and he chose TikTok to express himself

Unlike other football-oriented creators, he doesn't deal with current events, but rather puts himself in the scene.

On the program: small challenge with guests, videos of his training sessions, and lots of other cool content

Once again, football as we like it


10. KG Surfer

Subscribers : 106k


How to promote your passion for surfing on social networks?

That's the challenge @kg_surfer set himself, and what he succeeds in doing.

He invites his community to follow him in his passion for surfing, and he shares tips and tricks for those who want to start surfing. He also takes the opportunity to answer questions from his subscribers and chat with them in a relaxed atmosphere. A nice way to surf on the TikTok wave.


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