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Each week, we talk with inspiring sports creators about their journey.

January 24, 2022

Each week, we talk with inspiring sports creators about their journey, from their day-to-day creative work to the business-side of things. If you don't want to miss the next Community Talk, join us on Discord here.

In this episode, we talk with Rodrigo Aires. Rodrigo comes from Brazil and is a die-hard football lover: he started relaying news about European soccer on his Twitter account nine years ago, when he was 12 y.o. (!). Today, his account Guia do Futebol is home to +110k followers on Twitter.

In our discussion, Rodrigo walks us through his journey and gives some cools insights on how he works, the brands he manages to partner with and how to avoid burning out of pressure as a creator.

Here's the link if you want to listen to the full episode: https://anchor.fm/pondeo

Can you tell us a bit about who you are and why you started Guia de Futebol?

"I'm Rodrigo, 21 years old and I come from Rio Grande do Sul, in the South of Brazil. I started Guia de Futebol 9 years ago. My friends were always like, "oh, you should start like doing something". And like this project came up, my cousin told me "check out Twitter, it's a good tool for that". And then it started. So yeah, I can say like, I'm a diehard football fan since I was like really, really young. So this is a little bit about me, I can not tell my story without mentioning football."

Obviously Brazil has an unparalleled relationship with football. How is it to manage a community of soccer fans there?

"Brazil is a huge, continental country. See the distance from Lisbon to Moscow? That's probably how big Brazil is. So Twitter provides us the opportunity to connect people. You can talk to people from every part of Brazil and about the subject that we love, that is football. We have the sense of community that tells so much about us, how we see football, how we watch football.

And yeah, I think this sense of community help us and I think this is the best thing that we had, like from this past year. Like, only Internet and Twitter can make a bunch of Brazilian talk about the Scottish Premiership, you know. It's very special."

How are you able to earn money from your account?

"Here we cannot monetise through Twitter, which is unfortunate. We are seeing that Twitter is doing some changes to monetise content, but mainly on USA right now, and Canada and in some other countries, but not so much in Brazil. And we cannot monetise by Twitter.

So we basically make money through some brands that come to us and say like "we want to share our product in our account." And then sometimes the answer is no, because we think the content that they want to, they want to share with us doesn't fit. We have some partnerships with some sports booking houses. Sometimes we have stores, selling jerseys from European football clubs. So the fit with our content and with our audience is really critical."

110k fans is a lot of people... How do you manage the pressure to keep your fans engaged with content, and avoid the "Creator Burnout"?

"Yeah... I have some tips about it. Like I think you always have to breathe a little bit, take a step back and then ask yourself, "OK, is this something that I want to?". If the answer is no, just ignore it. I don't need to spend time here just like for an obligation.

Another tip is: take breaks. Have a good drink, have a good coffee, have a good, I don't know, have something that it's a good time for you and relax when there's a lot of pressure. For some people like me it's music, having a good cup of coffer; many people play video games to relax and have fun. (...) Sometimes you just need to walk a little bit, listen to a podcast, listen to music, and then you when come back and you're like, "okay. I feel better."

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