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Each week, we talk with inspiring sports creators about their journey.

January 3, 2022

Each week, we talk with inspiring sports creators about their journey, from their day-to-day creative work to the business-side of things. If you don't want to miss the next Community Talk, join us on Discord here.

Today, we have Basile Brigandet from Stadito. Basile is an inspiration: he launched his YouTube channel back in 2019, visited 18 countries and 111 (and counting!) stadiums, managing to gather +40,000 fans around his passion for ground-hopping in only 2 years.

Below is a short written extract of the really cool discussion we had, but don't miss the full episode of the podcast here (in French 🇫🇷)

Thank you Basile for your time, passion and energy !

Can you define ground-hopping and why you love it?

"Ground-hopping is a way of live that consists in collecting football stadiums, an opportunity to travel and discover the local culture and cities through football. [...] I've currently collected 111 stadiums in 18 countries, most of them in France (60) and the rest in many European countries."

What kind of content can we find on your channel?

"On my channel, I exclusively do vlogging: I record myself and allow viewers to see what I see when I'm travelling and ground-hopping. I've developed several formats throughout the years. The most famous one that I've used a lot is Stadito Vlog, in which I travel across Europe to discover new stadiums and new fans. Another one is Reve de Coupe, where I follow a team during the French National Cup; this one is very special to me as I get to immerse myself within the club, meet everyone there, train with the players. And I have other smaller formats like the Summer Trip, the Stadito Rush..."

How do you earn money?

"I get some revenues from YouTube and TikTok; and also I am sponsored by some brands, including Credit Agricole, the number one partner of French football. Most of the time, the brands come knocking at my door with a clear understanding of what I do and what they want; on the other side, when it comes to sports organisations to get access/tickets to games, I have to reach out to them to try to work with them."

What are your ambition for Stadito and your next steps in the future?

"I'd be happy if, at the end of the 2022 World Cup, I manage to make the project viable. That's why I plan on keep on innovating on the content, growing the community and impacting more people during my travels. I have three mid-term goals that I have been sharing a lot with my close ones (they support me a lot in this project and have been super important to help me take a step back in good and bad times!); in the mid-run, I want to:

  1. turn the project into something financially viable
  2. have a local to work from
  3. onboard someone to help me develop the project"

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